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Getting Better Response From Your Automotive Marketing – Rich Dealers Daily

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Getting Better Response From Your Automotive Marketing – Rich Dealers Daily

Automotive Advertising ShowIf getting more results from your auto marketing is something you’re interested in then you won’t want to miss a minute of today’s Rich Dealers Daily show. We believe that all your marketing should produce a positive return on investment. Here’s how to make that happen. Watch it now!

Rich Dealers Daily is the show for automotive professionals who want to get rich or richer!

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Discussion about “Getting Better Response From Your Automotive Marketing – Rich Dealers Daily”

  1. Juan Carlos Adame

    Tried to enter but it sends me to a page.. any comments??

    best regards,


  2. Ralph Paglia

    Jim and Travis,

    I really like the web sites you guys have done to market and promote your business… If this is the quality of work you for for your clients, then they are very fortunate to have selected your company! Thank you for stopping by my NADA workshop and taking the time to introduce yourselves in person. And, I am still amazed that Jimmy actually sent me his book “Gravitational Marketing” which I am enjoying enough to want to write my own literary masterpiece… I am thinking of titling it “Ralphertising”; what do you two think?

  3. Jim & Travis


    I’d buy it! But in terms of titles… you may want to consider something a bit more benefit oriented! You Rock.


  4. Travis


    It was good to meet you in person last weekend. And thank you for the compliment.

    Unfortunately “Ralphertising” makes me think of a form of marketing involving puke. Probably not the greatest…but hey…

    Thanks for tuning in!

  5. Jim & Travis

    Juan, thank you for the heads up. Problem fixed!